Ramblin' Sam

Unique Roots Music

Rock & Roll, Neo-Blues, Bluegrass and Roots

Ramblin' Sam started in 2015 as a busker in the streets of Ghent and got picked up pretty fast in local bars.
After touring France for a short while, he got together with 3 musicians and they formed a band in the fall of 2017.
Only 2 weeks later they started playing gigs. As a young band they have performed throughout Belgium and started making a name in different music scenes.

Due to the different backgrounds of the musicians they make original music coming from old Roots  to Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Jazz and even Ska music.

You can hear influences from inspirational artists such as Tom Waits, Hank Williams or even Screamin' Jay Hawkins,...

Members of the band:

Sam Vercoutere:                   Rythm Guitar, Vocals

Matthias Van De Velde:          Banjo, Lead Guitar, Vocals

Bert Demeyer:                      Double Bass

Dieter Devlaeminck:            Percussion, Vocals